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Welcome to our FG Xpress team site where you will learn all about the company and what they are all about, the amazing product that we offer but most importantly, you will learn about our team and why partnering up with us will be the most beneficial things to do in order to have great success with FG.

Ready To Get Started Making Money With Our FG Xpress Team?


I will actually go into detail on our Team benefits page listed above. At any time you can go and check out what we will offer you when you join our team.

Let me introduce myself

Wallace4Hello my name is Wallace, and on behalf of my business partner Dave Lear we wanted to welcome you to our site.

We have been in the industry for over 30 years and have owned companies that are still profiting today and also built some very sizable downlines and made some very serious income in a short period of time with some of the companies we’ve built together.

We have helped and mentored 100s if not thousands to create xtra income per month with our teachings, and some went on to hit 6 figures per month which we are very proud of.

I am telling you this not to boast or hype ourselves up but to let you know that when we say we can build and we say we earn sizable checks in this industry, we are upfront and completely honest.

And when we say we can help you, we can, and we will be there for you!

Also, make sure to contact us with the information you can find on our “contact us” page located at the top of the page in the navigation.

What is FG Xpress?

FGXpressSmallFG Xpress is the first business in history to launch a GENUINE item offered WORLDWIDE. The item is now being delivered into 100+ nations for just $4.95 – Crazy Right?

Exactly how is This Possible?

The brief variation … The business is had by a 10 years of age publicly traded business that has specialized International expansion. This product is unbelievably light and it fits in a routine shipping envelope so that it can be delivered throughout the world first course.

Every company dreams of a product like this …

  • A physical product that has no borders worldwide
  • Doctor formulated, patented & unique
  • Approved by the FDA (class 1 medical device).
  • Lightweight that can be delivered anywhere for under $5.

Where Did FG Xpress Come From?

The moms and dad business is Forever Green (FVRG stock sign) and when this item was created they understood it had the potential to be much much larger than anything they had seen prior to. Rather than launching this item with their existing business they developed a brand new business to concentrate 100 % on these Power Strips and what you see right here is just the really very starting of this chance.

Why We Chose FG Xpress

Dave and I knew that when we first saw what FG Xpress was all about that they had something special going on that is going to shake up the Network Marketing space.

Not only did they manage to create an incredible product that works in the way it is suppose to work, but they also got it approved by the FDA!

This means that the FG Xpress Power Strip product is the first FDA approved product to be offered through a Network Marketing company!

So not only does FG have a unique product, but they have a FDA listing… this is HUGE, talk about credibility!

What about the Pay?

The compensation plan is also a determining factor of course, we didn’t want to get involved with another product company that made it almost impossible for the new person to make any kind of real money with the program.

So, after we took a look at the compensation plan and studied the various ways on how a person gets paid, we knew that they had something special yet again.

The compensation plan is both lucrative and attainable to reach ranks.

Plus the price to be a distributor will not hurt the wallet. You can actually be in business and qualify for the bigger levels at an auto-ship under $100.


The fact of the matter is that FG Xpress has so many positives going for it, and with our team bonus’s that we offer we make it a whole lot easier for even the new person to make some serious residual income.

If you are this point and very interested but still want to learn a bit more, I would suggest you check out my page about the FG Xpress Power Strips which will give you a few great videos all about how the product works, and why it is so powerful.

Take care, talk to you soon,

Hope to see you part of our team.

– Wallace